by John Wilker

Book Cover: Long Days, Short Knights
Part of the Rogue Enterprises series:
  • Long Days, Short Knights
Editions:eBook: $ 2.99
ISBN: 978-1-951964-07-8
Pages: 277
Paperback: $ 10.99
ISBN: 978-1-951964-25-2
Size: 5.00 x 8.00 in
Pages: 277

Bennie strikes out on his own, temporarily. Not intentionally, the rest of the team is busy. He does have an apprentice now, so there’s that.

It’s a long story.

When Bennie took on the mantle of Knight of Plentallus he thought it’d be free food, ribbon cuttings, and cool toys. It is all that, but also, it turns out, a lot more.
Nic, the young Olop girl he met when the team was aboard the Galactic Empress, wants to be a Knight of Plentallus.
It’s not that Bennie doesn’t think she can do it, he just isn’t interested.
Events decide for him when he and his young charge get sucked into the machinations of a political opportunist and one of the more powerful organized crime syndicates on Multon.

Now it’s all about saving an innocent woman, taking down the syndicate, and not calling the team for help.

Can they save the day? Find out.

Publisher: Rogue Publishing, LTD.
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About the Author

John lives in Denver, CO with this wife Nicole and adventure buddy, Paco.

He's been writing SciFi since the 3rd grade. Since then, he's written almost 20 books starting with his first book, 'The Adventures of Wil Calder.'

John loves telling stories set in the far future with casts of lovable and diverse misfits in over their heads.

You can learn more about him and his books at his website.

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