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John Wilker

John lives in Denver, CO with his wife Nicole and trusty adventure buddy, Paco.

Author Dave Walsh

Dave Walsh

Dave lives in Albuquerque, NM with his wife and twin boys.

SI Clarke

Shannon is a writer…

Dani Hoots

Dani is a writer…

Doug Pruden

Doug is a writer…

K. Leigh

K. is a writer…

S.C. Jensen

S.C. is a writer…

Jeannette Bedard

Always writing, Jeannette has filled hard drives with ones and zeros that occasionally coalesce into books. Her non-linear career path has included working both as a soldier and a scientist (but not at the same time). Currently, she lives on a non-tropical island in the Pacific with her husband and daughter and she really likes math jokes, especially if there is pi involved.